hunching_old_folkI saw my late old father hunching whenever he walks or stands. I saw my mother having self-immune system attack within her body, causes serious inflammation and pain that she can't walk and had to be hospitalized for treatment. I also saw her having serious knee pain that requires an operation. I saw a very fat friend of mine, love eating especially salad (thought salad is a very healthy way of eating) got himself into a state of serious constipation that needs to take medicated drugs to help him to remove his bowel. I also saw my old aunt having the same problem but not that serious.

As for myself, I do have frequent urinating problem unaware that my kidney is getting weak and I has heel pain that makes walking painful. Also whenever I take a long bus journey 45 minutes and above sitting down for too long my leg get numb have difficulty getting up and walk due to the poor blood circulation.

Now, what was my Why? All these are minor health issues that seem to be unimportant can lead to serious health problem as I age. If I do not take action right now to have vital health, I am going to be like a lot of all those old people that are weak and unhealthy frequently fall sick or might have a certain type of long-term disease or illness. Such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, heart disease and whatever all those common diseases found in people when they reach the age of let's said 45 and above.

But let me tell you what got me to wanting to have vital health. Remember at the beginning of this post I said, "my late father hunching, my mom has self-immune system attack and a knee operation, my old aunt constantly having constipation problems and many others not mention here.

That got me to think, "How do I want to live my life as I age?" I wanted to be healthy, free from medication and supplements, freedom to travel to enjoy my life. That got me started on this health journey to become healthy, of course after some hard work working on it physically and mentally. With eating right, breathing right, drinking right, exercising right and sleeping right. After a period doing that now, I am practically healed from heel pain, unable to hold urinate problem and so as poor blood circulation.

Now I am a product of the product, of eating, drinking, exercise, breathing and sleeping doing all these as part of my daily routine for about 3 - 4 months before I finally see some result moving toward my desire weight and vital health that I want. It wasn't even this process system, it was just the vision of being healthy and have that control weight I desire.

I recall what the father of medicine, Hippocrates said, "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine is your food." So I did what he said, of course, choosing the right type of foods. But that's only one part of it, the rest are drinking, breathing, exercising and sleeping.

I like having vital healthy and living happy able to enjoy life. Having the health freedom to live the way I want, traveling and at the same time generate income wherever I happen to be at any moment. I want a healthy lifestyle working from home and loving life, living where I love life and doing what I love to do and have the financial freedom to live that way. I dream of living a healthy painless life into old age because the medication is getting costly. I dream of having financial freedom working from home with a continuous stream of income regardless age working online.

What people want is very similar to my idea? I trust and believe so, people want to be healthy, living a happy life so that they can enjoy a good relationship with family doing things together. And most people are, those with 3 generations, children, and grandchildren including themselves.

shanghaiI, Kit am passionate about health. I know people want to have vital healthy, but don't know how to have that. Especially people in the age group of people ranging from 45 to 60 are the most critical ones. They have worn their body system out without noticing it, they look tired all the time, they weak and sickly all the time, they also put on weight easily without eating much.

Are you seeing people around your age look like a crap that they're not taking care of themselves or some people around your age who haven't even made it that far in life because they passed away because of bad health? And it scares the crap out of you or seeing your aging parents having strokes, sick and tired all the time, being wheelchair bounded or whatever. And you realize your own mortality through your family history and you need to get your crap together or going to end up along the same path as your parents or those poor health people you see around you.

They now wanted to regain their health because they realize that if they want to enjoy their life for this life on the planet. They want to stay healthy, also because medication cost happen to be increasingly expensive and so as all those health supplements.

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If you maintain that habitual daily routine you have already developed, of course, you can once while taking a meal or two to satisfy your craving.


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