Meet Lilian The Overweight Working Mother

Lilian a frustrated overwork, overweight married with 2 grown-up children working mother, who is age 50 and older from Singapore. She is also time challenged because of her work, take care of her children, spouse, and outside interests. Who has been overweight for 5 years or more? She likes to spend a few minutes particularly every hour reading and responding to messages and following links on WhatsApp and that is where she discovered a link that pointed to 5-steps Automated Reduce Weight Naturally Online Course.


Lilian makes between $90,000 and $120,000 a year as a multi-level-marketer. She is actually successful (and many people think she is doing great) but yet she feels like she doesn’t really have a good grasp on how much she is going to make in the next year, she’s not sure if she should hustle for more sales.


Lilian is seriously thinking about entering into her later years being the healthiest she can be. To be able to look at herself in the mirror and not be ashamed. To have better self-confidence and feel good about her body shape. But she is starting to see that her dream of entry into her later years being the healthiest and feel good about her body shape are getting pushed farther out each day.


She loves the fact that she is committed to reduce weight and be healthy. This is her part of her anti-aging plan for later years. But she doesn't have the time flexibility, feeling like her business owns and controls her (instead of the other way around).


She is starting to find herself spending less time working on to be fit, healthy and comfortable in her clothes boosts her self-esteem in a way that allows her to leave a lasting impression… Lilian is at the point where she is overwhelmed by the day-to-day activities of running her business and family – yet she desperately wants to look good and feel great, when the big "60" comes along, and for years after.


Her perception of her body is directly related to her level of confidence. Being fit shows people that she has discipline. People are more likely to trust her who seems decisive and disciplined. Her intention is to grow her business further with a team suck up a lot of her time.


As she learns about 5-steps Automated Reduce Weight Naturally Online Course, she is thinking that this could be the course that helps her to gain the needed control to have a more slender body, giving her the confidence to embrace her professional competence. To grow her business and scale to the next level of success stand out in her career arena.


She doesn’t really love reading the way that I do, instead, she counts on me to tell her things that she should be aware of and looks to me to know which tools she should use to actually apply instead of wasting her time reading.