My Story

Hello, my friend,

I would love to share my health story so that you understand why I'm the right people to help you to lose weight and be healthy. My goal for myself is live my life healthily into my twilight year.

And my goal for you is…
"I want to show overweight busy working mom age 50 and older how to overcome time challenge in her spare time to lose weight, so she gains the needed control to have a more slender body, giving her the confidence to embrace her professional competence."

Cut the story short to the point. My mom age 93, bedridden for many years have rheumatoid arthritis, her blood in her immunity system is doing a self-attack inside her. She has boil all over her body if any part of her skin heal it will appear in another part of her body. This is my mom health condition and her blood group is "B," so am I.

Let's talk about my health experience, I can't recall which year or at what age. I have been through 2 breast lump removal operations because my breast has many cysts. Both lumps are non-cancerous is a blessing to me. After that last operation, follow-up with a yearly mammogram. One day I come across articles on "Probiotics," I do some search to read more about "Probiotics."

Probiotics are some sort of strains that we need in our body to function properly if we don't have enough good bacteria to protect us, those bad bacteria will invade our body and health problem. With that knowledge, I put myself on "3 strains Probiotics" for many years while continuing with the yearly mammogram. As years go by the couple with taking "Probiotics" the cyst in my breast start to reduce, finally left with one or two cysts. So I decided to discontinue the yearly mammogram, but continue with taking "Probiotics." I stop taking "Probiotics" since I can't the right place to buy good quality "Probiotics."

I read before blood group "B" individual is a very lumpy person. This lead to the next chapter of my health. I have a node on my outer side of my left thigh, it is very observed can seem, if I wear linen material tight pant. Some years back I have it removed, it is also non-cancerous through the lab test. What happens again another lump appear on my left shoulder, maybe is because I frequently carry the heavy bag of goodies on left. That cause the lump formation, now as long as I can stand it I will leave alone, not another operation for the moment. This is the lumpy me.

Other health problem. Oh, I forgot to mention a problem when I was a child that is my leg cramp on and off. Even while running in a race on track and field day, once the cramp seizes my leg, I become immobility till it is over. Now I no longer have cramp anymore.

Next, let me talking about the numbness in my legs whenever I take about an hour long bus journey and tiredness in feet over weekend shopping and carrying heavy goodies. I need two days to recover from this tiredness. This problem someone recommends to take Chinese herbs to replenish my body energy.

Also, I have held on to my urine problem once my bladder is full I need to pee immediately, without realizing that this is the kidney weak symptom. This is also been take care of with brewing Chinese herbs for almost a year and drink it every day. This is time-consuming but I'm determined to focus well and healthy into my late year.

I also have a damp spleen, so I alternate both the Kidney Chinese Herbs remedy with the Spleen Chinese Herbs remedy to rejuvenate my health.

Oh, I miss mentioning about the pain in right knee pain which a sign of wear and tear of the soft bone. This I can have put myself on taking "Okra" gel-like drink daily. Okra drink is very effective better glucosamine and it has other health benefits as well.

As for weight. My heaviest weight that I can recall is 70 kilos for my height 155m 6 years ago, based on BMI chart the ideal weight should be 55 kilos. Therefore I'm overweight 15 kilos. So I start with taking control of my own body and, in an organized fashion, get started on my way to effective weight loss. And also take control of my eating behaviors to help avoid overeating.

You will surprise most success result comes from keeping things simple. In a matter of weeks, I have developed the healthy habits that are going to bring me to my ideal weight. I understand how important it is to adopt a whole-lifestyle change. I did not restrict myself any particular food. I just eat the not so healthy food in moderation.

I apply what I've just known to lose weight and then maintain it. I watch what I eat and what I do. It is as simple as that to lose weight. A great way that helps me to lose weight is I choose 2 days in a week, where I eat whatever I want and don't follow my healthy eating. By eating whatever I want twice a week, I actually end up boosting my metabolism. I don't go on diet, dieting is one of the hardest keys to weight loss.

Habit is something I do without having to think about it. My success at weight loss is to turn healthy eating into a habit. These healthy eating habits can help me lose weight and keep it off. I want to live my life healthily into my twilight year.

Do have any of this health problem like me or haven’t found the right way to start to lose weight and be healthy.

Forgive me, pitching is in my bones and I just can't help myself sometimes. Especially, if I have a strong belief in the product, click here.

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